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Scribble your way to puzzle-solving nirvana

Blek is an unusual, experimental puzzle game in which you solve puzzles by doodling on the screen.

Paint it Blek

Your objective in Blek is to burst the colored dots on screen in order to clear a level. You do this by drawing with your finger on the touch screen to create a line that animates and worms its way across the screen. The idea is to create the right pattern so that it hits all of the dots before it disappears off the edge of the screen.

The first few puzzles in Blek are quite gentle on you, and it's fairly obvious, despite the lack of a tutorial, how to hit all the dots.

Things start to get decidedly tricky after a few levels, as other elements are introduced into the equation. For example, there are small black dots that must be avoided by your pattern. There are also colored dots that fire off bullets when you hit them that can, in turn, burst other dots. By Blek's later levels, the screen is full of obstacles that your little doodle will need to negotiate, and it really challenges your puzzling

Back in Blek

Solutions to Blek's puzzles are sometimes easy to stumble upon. Other times they can be infuriating to the point you'll be steaming with rage as you frantically scribble all over your screen like some sort of calligraphy-obsessed maniac.

Most of Blek's puzzles can be solved with a number of different patterns but it seems that with some puzzles there's only one way to complete them, often requiring pinpoint accuracy. Challenging games can be fun, but if you're easily annoyed you might not enjoy Blek's difficult later levels, especially as you cannot skip to the next.

Blek and white

The look and feel of Blek is very organic. The way the doodle animates and comes to life as you draw is wondrous. The animation of the line responds to the speed at which you've drawn, meaning that fast strokes will cause it to dart across the screen, while slower strokes will produce a more prolonged movement.

Blek magic

Blek is a curious puzzle game that feels like it's been built with a lot of care and love. It's worth checking out if you're bored of mundane match-three puzzlers, or Flappy Birds clones. Don't be sucked in by the apparent relaxing nature of the game - it'll quickly have you sweating with frustration!


  • Interesting, original concept
  • Drawing effect is well animated
  • Simple to pick up


  • Gets frustrating with no hints and no way to skip levels


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Blek 1.8.1 for iPhone


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